President Obama, through our combined and diligent efforts on, holds the unique power to free Dr. York and we seek your support to make this dream a reality.

Dr. York is 71 years old suffering in his innocence from Angioedema, a life threatening illness, high blood pressure, and leg problems which cause him to need a wheelchair from time to time. His Angioedema attacks frequently leave him unconscious on his cement cell floor with limited assistance from medical personnel that are not equipped to handle his complex medical needs. Angioedema frequently attacks his throat and his air passages swell, which can cause suffocation.

He is serving an unduly and overly harsh sentence of 135 years in a Supermax facility on various RICO and structuring money charges. He has been a good inmate, with no history of violence during his 15 year incarceration and no significant criminal his prior to these charges. Dr. York has been imprisoned for fifteen years, ten of which have been in a maximum security prison where he is in solitary confinement 24 hours per day. With each passing year he fears Angioedema will eventually take his life in prison.

Desiring to make a difference in the world, Dr. York authored over 400 books, speaks 19 languages, and was a teacher and lecturer from 1970 until his incarceration in 2002. He translated The Torah, Psalms, The Book Of Revelation, The Book Of the Dead and Qur’an from their original languages, and changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. He was inspired to author The Holy Tablets, which is a new revelation.

He is the only teacher known to build a distinctive land, “Egipt of The West” called Tama-re, that was located in Eatonton, Georgia on 467 acres. Upon Dr. York’s conviction, the land was forfeited along with other property, of which the proceeds were split between the joint prosecuting local and federal agencies. No money was distributed to alleged victims for restitution, because the federal case had no victims, since the charge against Dr. York were based on “intent” only.

Some of the RICO charges include transporting minors across state line with the “intent” of engaging in sexual activity, but Dr. York has maintained his innocence and many of the witnesses recanted their story in affidavits and video recordings. Some of the alleged victims reported that threats were made against their families by authorities if they did not cooperate and implicate Dr. York in sexual misconduct. Additionally, there was no physical or DNA evidence, no eye witness testimony, and many of the adults who testified concerning alleged events from their childhood, many years prior, testified in favor of Dr. York. Those who testified on Dr. York’s behalf also stated the prosecutors and investigators berated them month after month attempting them to say things that simply were not true.

Presiden t Obama, the benefits of pardoning Mr. York, who still possesses great value, are innumerable. The knowledge he possesses and has shared through the decades is well documented and is now being promoted to the masses on the History Channel, which is a clear indicator that what is in his mind should be shared. Please pardon or commute the sentence of Mr. York, who is still loved and revered by many, as you can see from all the comments. All he wishes to do is live out the remainder of his life in dignity with his family and loved ones.

The Law Office of Victoria Broussard

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