Do I live in a space of gratitude?

What am I grateful for on a daily basis or should I say do I remember to be grateful on a daily basis?

Some days with my busy schedule which consist of work and school I would remember verbalizing my gratitude when I sit to write in my journal. Although I voice my gratitude when I step out my door on mornings, because we take for granted awakening to a new day,with nature embracing us with open arms. That’s when the guilt factor steps in with my inner me scolding me. On the days when I vibrate in the space of awareness  life is  much less complicated. I surrender and know everything will be ALRIGHT. One of my favorite song by the late Bob Marley, this is my favorite line “Don’t worry about a thing because every little thing going to be alright.”


Gratitude opens the doorway to peace, compassion, caring and joy within my soul. One of the most rewarding benefits is it eliminate stress.


1. Write whatever you appreciate in your life.

2. How you got over hurdles, because they become the tools to cultivate your life.

3. Goals.

4. Designate a time to journal where you can be relaxed, your quiet space sipping a favorite natural tea or something of your choice which will sooth the soul.

5. Pick a date where you will revisit your journal and see your journey.


Women In Business

Women In Business




Maya one of our warrior who represented the virtues of a woman in business. Just be who you are it is really amazing.