Gold as an Investment

Gold bullion is an essential investment in times of uncertainty. As an investor the benefits for a future generation  are rewarding. Gold is considered by many to be currency par excellence. It is very rare. It’s a means of exchange. Which is unable to be destroyed. Also it cannot be reduced. As an investor, your portfolio tends to maintain its buying power over time. Whereas traditional paper based currencies lose buying power. Due to inflation. Investors typically view gold as a means of savings. A safe harbor for their wealth. Gold is a protection against inflation, deflation, geopolitical, and general risk.

6 reasons why you should invest in gold.

1. Diversification:

Precious metals have a historical negative or weak product movement to price in the financial markets. Especially the stock market.

2. Liquidity:

Excellent liquidity with bullion markets trading is on going around the globe. There is no idea of market value required by investor upon resale. The price is based on                                                         market price. Thus not the personal opinion of an auctioneer, value or vested interests. One can automatically sell one’s bullion at any time of one’s choosing. Unlike a house                                            which can be on the market for months, and sometimes a buyer can pull out at the last-minute. Sometimes no buyers can be found for a property.

3. No Liabilities:

Gold and silver are golden age ways of exchange or currency. That do not represent any government’s debt or ability to repay. Confidence in issuing items is 100% due to ability to test precious metals for it’s pureness.

4. Safe Storage:

Well-established, secure and regulated broker. Such as the AAA rated Perth Mint exist for long-term storage and insurance. If holdings do not fit. Some investors do not                                                feel secure enough to store bullion, in a private residence or safety deposit boxes.

5. Protect against uncertainty:

Gold, silver, platinum and palladium are asset.  Which were in a bear market for over 20 years. After their excellent  investment returns in the period of rising inflation in 1970s. They rose                   by some 3000% from $35 to $850. Precious metals were looked down upon by Wall Street. Much of mainstream finance and the majority of investors. They were largely  oversold. But since 2001, they are showing signs of growth. Increasing build-up and the weakness has led to an increase in demand.

6. Better than paper money:

Gold is an asset.  As extreme loose monetary and financial policies. Which may cause financial mistrust. There is a likelihood of paper money or fiat currency competing downfall going forward in order to maintain exports.




“MIND YOUR MIND FOR THE JEWELS OF YOUR SOUL”, Quote from Rev. Dr. Malachi K. York.


This is a quote I keep in my awareness. The mind is very sensitive and challenging to keep under control. On a daily basis I am conscious of my thoughts because there can be situations arising such as anger, worry, fear, dishonesty, guilt, happiness, control, anxiety and many more attributes good and bad are a visible reflection of the mind. 


Yes, it’s a daily struggle when you put emphases to keep one’s thoughts in a space of positivity , non judgmental to others situation, peace in the mist of all that is present in my environment. We as humans are quick to have an opinion for every situation. It is a continuous dedication to keep my thoughts clean, because clear clean thoughts becomes a reflection of our lives and it’s visible direction. We would wonder at times why I am attracting unhealthy situations in my life? For instance relationships, friendships, money issues and so on, which is due to our thoughts.



I had to sit in my truth and face the reality that my thoughts allowed me to attract unhealthy relationships. It was never about the next person, but again the mind support us to always put the blame on someone else, other than take responsibility.

TRUTH: We are financially challenged because growing up we looked at money for just spending and did not put value to it, again our thoughts and it grows until we become aware that the change starts within each and every one of us.




Daily how to tame the mind from the great scribe TEHUTI.

  • Practice silence for one to two hours daily
  • Daily meditation.
  • Affirmation, “I am not these emotions”.


What I learned from one of the greatest teacher Tehuti is the mind is outside of us, located in the mental reservoir.  We have the ability to choose the thoughts we want to accept or reject.”The senses do not convey the experiences without the cooperation of the mind. An agreeable exercise is to not allow the senses to come in contact with their object. For example is certain music or television programs are found to leave the mind in an agitated state. They should be eliminated. By withdrawing the mind, the senses are also withdrawn. Remember if you don’t care where your life is going then any road will lead you there”. THE MIND.




How to create success in life and business.

Expanding my life successfully and also expanding my business is on every one mind. Businesses goes up and down like tidal waves but I have learnt some techniques that can weather the storm when we go through our rough times in business and personal life. From my perspective they both work hand in hand. There are some days when you don’t want to face the world. So much going on in life with whatever the situation and you cannot envision an end result. Same as your business it may feel like there is no progressing although you have brilliant ideas but do not know how to get started, because there might be a lack of support from friends, family and most important financial assistance. We end up at crossroads in life and loose our direction. At this point some of us don’t now where to turn. At this point we are willing to try anything that can motivate us to keep going. There are millions of how to do and motivational books we invest in searching for a solution. Although we will get excellent ideas, it’s always how do we implement them and keep the focus positive to make it work for us.

As of everything we do in life we must create a road map. If we  don’t have direction and when you sailing on a boat without a paddle, the outcome is unpredictable. The question becomes how did I end up in this situation, or how is my business failing? That’s why we must have a direction, a purpose and a clear vision of what we want and an end result. This will always create success.


The law of attraction and success goes hand in hand, and to have success is to know it will happen.

A quote by: REV.DR.MALACHI Z.K.YORK (Success is the progressive realization of a worthy idea. If you have a goal and you are working towards that goal,then you are on the path to success.) This is a quote that I keep present in my thoughts on a daily basis. Although fear will arise, I must keep positive, listen and be aware of the opportunities big or small what the universe will open up for my goals manifestation.


This law is always in existence it work within nature, not visible but very powerful. Whatever we as human think is what we will receive from nature. This means our thoughts should always be positive, because it is all the inner working of the mind. For example if I need financial assistance I would visualize money in my banking account, or I may desire good health so I will envision myself doing some sort of physical activity.


  • Be clear and specific about what you want to be manifested.
  • Set your goals, start with simple goals and then progress.
  • Know the reasons why you are setting these goals and the benefits.
  • Always have your intention statement that will be one of your daily affirmation don’t matter what may arise.
  • Focus on only the positive in everything and surround yourself with positive people.
  • Always make yourself feel good and relax.
  • Focus on the end results see yourself grateful for the things you ask for and enjoying the manifestation in advance.
  • Daily meditation and visualization on your goals and end result, it could five minutes  do not make this journey complicated.
  • Enjoy, journal daily and be in awareness.




unnamed 11183449_586333327072_3685156354506285577_nTHOUGHTFUL MOMENTS IN NATURE

The days when I can sit around the house doing absolutely nothing, with a free mind space where my thought knew my mind needed stillness to recharge the rose that I am within nature.

I remember vividly those times as a child when my mind was at a space of purity. My mother was nurturing me as a plant  metamorphosing from a seedling into a beautiful rose. Was I in a space of that awareness, as a young rose bud? No, all I wanted to be was a rose and not aware that the rose bud needs care, tender love and nurturing which I received from my mother towards my growth.  As a rose bud I lived in the rural area of my town. Every morning my first awaken moment is the sound of the rosters sounding the alarm clock. What a joyful sound alarming to us nature is ready with open arms to receive its children. I would open the window and the smell of the revitalizing air penetrating my entire being, seeing every individual drop of dew on green plants leaves which lace all around our homes, in all the arrays of colours, textures, and aroma, with the crisp smell of the green grass. What beauty nature embraces and to know I am welcome without invitation, just be a part and show respect without a spoken word.   Reminiscing,  my realization was I did not give myself ample time to enjoy that rose bud go through its many forms transformation from a bud unfolding one petal at a time. Embracing a combination of dark red and purple making its full transformation into a BLACK VELVET ROSE.

A rose which is on the move with the movements of mother earth experiencing her heart beat, crying, cleansing and her joys. This rose welcome all to be nourished from the nutrients that overflow from within,with her skin as velvet. Whenever I contract and expand creation of existence is manifesting, giving assistance too the bees.

What rose represents you?