Internet Marketing The Income Replacer

Internet Marketing The Income Replacer

Internet Marketing is now the way millions of people are using to generate an income. Some use Internet Marketing to replace an income, where as on a part-time basis. I am a part-time Internet Marketer. Do I enjoy it ? Yes I enjoy sharing my product and services with the world-wide web. Most important offering VALUE to my customers. I promote items that I have benefited from, and it’s about sharing.

As Marketer it takes lots of  dedication, patience, persistence, and learning new techniques as the market changes constantly. Although we have our traditional ways which will never change in marketing and it works. With the fast paced of technology, there are always new and faster ways to advertise. At times the process can become tedious as an Internet Marketer. With Marketing is constant advertising because the public have to see your products and services on a regular basis. I was once told by an internet grue after consumers must view your product for at least seven times before they think about purchasing.

As a Marketer you cannot do this alone. It is very important to build relationships with fellow Internet Marketers. This is where one can exchange ideas, learn from each other and keep the momentum going. At times if I don’t have positive affirmation , motivating words of encouragement you will feel like giving up. It’s about waiting for that break through moment to happen or some would say wait patiently for the magic to begin.

In this business is where you are put to the test, in which you have examine everything about oneself. WHY? If I am not  connecting  with the consumers and they are not seeing the value in my products and services, this is where I do some internal questioning to myself. Because as an Internet Marketer there isn’t anyone employer to give me a paycheck weekly. I have to create ways to generate income. It’s a challenge at times but it is attainable.






I was attending business classes for a while and the word value was always being mention. This is a word used in the business world constantly but do the lay man incorporate value in our daily lives.Well, I never did prior to starting these classes. Value for me was always associated to monetary things based on society. Such as homes, cars, shoes, clothing, jewelry and the list goes on, it all pertained to stuff. Although these things are valuable and a part of our daily lives.  In society the things we value have also become very competitive , if we do not own certain things as the new sneakers among children, they are bullied, beaten up or even murdered.  The value is placed in the pair of sneakers. We also see it in some of the reality shows how value is represented. This is detrimental position to be in as a people in society. When we are not taught as children into adults the ways to incorporate VALUE in our daily lives..

How do we make a shift in consciousness in what we truly VALUE?

When we place value on our mind, taught, time, work ethics, speech to name a few we can become a respectable to each other and start the journey of being acceptable to humanity. Lets all for one week put value on every thing on this planet earth. For instance, human being, animal, plant and any tangible things, which play a valuable role on this earth. Something what was valuable to me was giving directions to a young lady, because I valued what she wanted and assisted. Value is very simple but we make it complicated. A smile might be all the next person needs to make their day completed. Incorporating daily affirmations, keeping a journal will assist in our awareness of what is valuable.

  • I value my mind, body, soul and spirit.
  •  I value my elders teachings.
  •  I value my relationships.
  • I value the different ways I express myself.

Authors Louis Raths, Merrill Harmin and Sydney Simon introduced their values clarification theory in Values and Teaching: Working with Values in the Classroom (1978). Their theory centers around the fact that many people in contemporary society have difficulties in defining values. Raths, Harmin and Simon examine four key elements of teaching values. These include: a focus on life, which makes people draw their attention to aspects of their lives that they value and which may vary from individual to individual; an acceptance of what is, which aims at nonjudgmental acceptance of other people just the way they are; an invitation to reflect further, which should follow the acceptance and help people make better informed choices and raise awareness of what is important to a person; and finally, a nourishment of personal powers, which should help people apply this awareness and information in their future.

According to the authors of the theory, there are different types of people who need values clarification and who do not integrate values in their lives. These may range from apathetic people to personalities that are enthusiastic about different things but just as easily become disinterested. Another type of person is the overconformer, who always wishes to please people. All these types of behavior need value clarification because the lack of clear values may have negative impact on their lives in the long run.



What is legacy and do it have any significance in our lives?

I had an AHA moment two days ago, when my sister/ friend made her transition. It was a lost of a warrior, sister, friend and mother it was also an awaking to put life into perspective. Do I have a legacy?

I do not have a legacy, but I can speak on my sister’s legacy because I witnessed her work and dedication fighting for a great cause until her last breath. My sister embraced the true qualities of a feminine found her voice, her purpose and reclaimed her wings. As a warrior she was on the fore front of the battle field, eliminating fear and obstacles. We may ask WHY in the middle of the fight? Who am I to question when your leaf falls from the tree of life, it is just time to start your journey. We have a clear image of our journey ahead based on the life we lived on this planet earth.

My sister the warmth of your smile will always be alive in my mind’s eye attached to the extraordinary work you have accomplish. Our freedom fight is still on and you will keep it alive. So lets CELEBRATE your new birth.

Connection to purpose

Making the connection with my purpose took years. I am sure for others it might not be as long.Some of us just know from a child what is our purpose in the world. I did lots of soul-searching through the years, because growing up adults put so many limitations on children. They do not allow us to be expressive and would instill expectations  that was unattainable. This clouded my purpose for many years. I eventually had to connect with my inner self and be totally honest with my inner being. This connection manifested through lots of obstacles and unplesant situations which resulted in good life lessons. Some of the tools that helped was: Keeping a journal of all experiences, and reconnecting with after every three months on how I felt through each journey.       What I enjoy doing and it makes me complete and  can be shared with society. This is about me not society expectations. Lets make it happen.