In Dedication To My Spiritual Guide Dr Malachi Z. York

Dr Malachi Z York taught me the principles of living in darkness, and also embracing the light.

Over the years I have listened to all these enlightened teachers, authors and motivational speakers, speak about light and darkness. They would all say darkness represents a time in their life when it was  turmoil,  and could not find that light. I had to examine these terms LIGHT and DARKNESS closely. Why? I have experienced situations in my life where my solution came from darkness not light.  Although we as humans know light give us many attributes for instance some of these are:

  • Experiencing nature in its natural beauty.
  • Seeing our children, family and friends.
  • Have choices for example, the things we want to acquire in our lives.
  • Traveling and seeing  places.
  • Being able to see how our world is being disrespected.

These are my thought on darkness from the etymology of the word based on its origin.

  1.  When the sperm travels in the womb to impregnate the egg don’t this event occurs in darkness?
  2.  Is that act visible to the human eye or not?
  3.  The act of creation takes place in the mother’s womb, which is called triple darkness.
  4.  A fetus lives in triple darkness for nine months growing and being nurtured by the mother.
  5.  Some of us enjoyed being in the womb for example, one of my children was one week overdue in child-birth. Although  labor was induced she was going to my heart instead of entering this world of light. I would say she was enjoying being in triple darkness.
  6.  An African tradition of childbirth is children being delivered in a dimly lit room because the light send them into a state of shock.
  7. As mothers, we all have experienced when one of your children is in a painful situation. We would fall that uneasy sensation in our womb, which is darkness.
  8. We  were taught to focus on a goal, and store it in darkness.
  9. When the work is completed the manifestation of that single taught, is seen in the light.
  10. When we are being romantic with our love ones,  the first thing we do dim the lights.
  11.  When we are experiencing aches and pains our first instinct is to make the room dark and go under our blanket. Some how it makes us  feel better.
  12. Sitting in meditation and going within is normally a place of darkness. Where we find that peace, solace, answers, healing and with no judgments

In  conclusion light and darkness complement each other. They both bring balance to this  universe.